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A few years ago I discovered the wonderful artwork of Mimbres pottery while researching various artwork styles of the southwest United States. I was immediately fascinated by the complex geometric patterns painted into the interior of white bowls, and was amazed at the similarities between this ancient style and my own. So I had to learn more.

My research lead me to learn of the long-lost civilization of the people of the Mimbres Valley in southern New Mexico and their evolution of artwork from plain pottery in AD 500 to complex designs full of sophisticated patterns during their "Classic" period of AD 1000-1150. Throughout this period the Mimbres people developed methods of painting and firing clay that produced stunning black and white designs (along with the occasional red variants). Then, sometime around AD 1200, the people of the Mimbres Valley suddenly vanished, leaving behind just a few thousand bowls scattered across less than a couple dozen sites.

Inspired by the artwork of the Mimbres Valley, I created the Mimbres Geocoin Series. This is the 4th edition of this series, and incorporates several design elements from various bowls including birds and eyes. The geocoin is available in a polished black nickel finish with white hard enamel which mimics the black and white painted bowls. It is also available in an antiqued bronze finish as well as a special limited edition finish.


In order to help ensure we have enough coins on hand to meet demand I'm taking reservations for these coins. This form is NOT a pre-order - further action will be required to receive your coin(s). Photos are preproduction samples and some insignificant changes may occur prior to production.

Note on "LE Finish"
Mimbres 4.0 will be available in one of 6 LE translucent imitation hard-enamel colors on polished nickel.
The blue version is shown above for reference.

Mimbres Geocoin 4.0
1.75" Width, Trackable at w/icon
Black Nickel, Antiqued Bronze, or a LE Finish (combo only
$8.25 each or
3-finish combo for $23.50 (5% savings) or
8-finish combo for $59.50 (10% savings)

3-finish combos include: 1 black, 1 bronze, and 1 RANDOM translucent color
8-finish combos include: 1 of each finish produced (1 black, 1 bronze, 6 different translucent colors)

Prices do not include S/H or 8.25% sales tax for Texas residents

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Reserving "1" combo reserves 3 coins (including 1 RANDOM translucent finish).

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